Karen Kisby Presented with CNC Heads Spirit of the Championship Award 2021 26 Jan 22

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The BARC NW Centre annually awards the Spirit of the Championship shield to someone or group that have gone over and above the normal in following the underlining principles of the CNC Heads Sports/Saloon Championship. These principles include friendliness, helpfulness and encouragement to all competitors, team members and championship officials.

For the 2021 season the award again does not go to a competitor rather a team member who displayed all the principles at a meeting at Cadwell Park in July. For 2021 the award goes to Karen Kisby, the partner of regular competitor, Graeme Smith.

The occasion was at one of our races at Cadwell Park. For those of you who haven’t been to the circuit, the pit lane is split from the Paddock by the track and a very steep hill. Consequently few team members go into the Pit Lane (the restaurant/bar is much more pleasant!). On the occasion the only person in the Pit Lane was Karen Kisby. At the start of the race Paul Dobson stalled on Pole Position and was pushed into the Pit Lane as the race started. Karen with Paul managed to get the car started and Karen buckled Paul in safely. Paul managed to get on track just before Jamie Cryer came round at the end of the first lap.

Karen quickly realised that Paul would have no idea of his progress up the order other than hoping he was going fast enough. She decided that she could monitor both Paul’s progress and Graeme’s. She gave Paul pit signals for the duration of the race as well as her normal ones to Graeme. Paul drove a fantastic race and clawed back the lead as the race drew to a close (this drive but him in line for Driver of the Year).

When Karen received the award at the Real Night Out the whole Dobson Team gave her a standing ovation - Well Done Karen, our recipient of the 2021 Spirit of the Championship.