Nicholas Bartlett wins Cam Forbes Trophy 12 Sep 17

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The recent Anglesey rounds of the CNC Heads Sports/Saloon Championship saw the third awarding of the Cam Forbes Trophy. The trophy has been very generously donated by Dawn Forbes in memory of Cam. The trophy was presented to the driver who made the most progress from practice position to race position across the first two races at Anglesey.


With the big entry being split into special and modified races it was a bit more complicated to determine the winner. There was an advantage being in the modified race as that gave more opportunity to advance as the grid was larger. Joe Spencer took advantage of the inclement weather and the nimble handling of his Locosaki to take several positions in the second wet race to achieve a score of +3. However the main challengers for the trophy came from the modified race. Tony Harman joined Joe with a score of +3, with Ralph Underwood beating both of them by a single point. The winner however was Nicholas Bartlett who scored +7, three from the first race and four from the second. The pictures courtesy of Marvin Hall show Nicholas proudly accepting the trophy from Dawn Forbes and showing it off. Well done Nicholas.