CNC Heads Sports/Saloon Championship

Class A Winner 2022 - Guy Carter Class B and Overall Winner 2022 - Jon Woolfitt Class C Winner 2022 - Connor Harvey Class D Winner 2022 - Ric Walker Class E Winner 2022 - Jamie Cryer Class F Winner 2022 - Graeme Smith

About the CNC Heads Championship 2023

This Sports/Saloon championship started off back in 1984 as a Special GT championship with a small core of regular enthusiastic entrants. Over the next 40 years it has grown into a successful, stable and cost-effective Sports/Saloon championship run over at least 12 rounds with grids regularly approaching or exceeding 30 cars of varied make, model and power.

Championship sponsor CNC Heads was welcomed back for another year, their sixteenth. Without their enthusiastic support the Championship would not be as strong as it currently is. We also welcome back CSP Car Service Packs for a second year of partnership. To be eligible cars must have been originally designed for road use, they are then split into two basic categories, Special and Modified. Each of these categories is then sub-divided into three capacity classes with splits at 1600cc and 2500cc. The more highly modified cars fit into the Special classes, basically as long as the car has the same silhouette as the original then it will probably be suitable. In 2023 all motorcycled engined cars have their own Special Class (G). The Modified classes are for the less tuned cars and does also include virtually road going cars.

Latest News

The 40th Anniversary Championship concluded at Oulton Park on the 14th October with Ian Bamber victorious from Roddie Paterson. The class winners were Ian (Class E) and Roddie (Class B) together with Paul Rose (Class A), Bod Buckby (Class C), Ric Walker (Class D), Helen Allen (Class F) and Jon Woolfitt (Class G)

Race Meeting Documentation and Information

Regulations and championship registration forms for the 2024 will follow in due course.

2023 Calendar - CNC Heads Sports/Saloon Championship

This meeting hosts CNC Heads Sports/Saloons, Junior Saloons, Track Attack, Hyundai Coupe Cup and BSRC Superkarts

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The meeting hosts the CNC Heads Sports/Saloons, Caterham Academy, 2CV's, Junior Saloons and Track Attack

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This meeting hosts the CNC Heads Sport/Saloons, Caterham Graduates Racing Club and Kumho BMW Championships as well as Superkarts.

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Seasonal Review 2022


Rounds 1 & 2 - Cadwell Park - Report


Rounds 1 & 2 - Cadwell Park - TSL Timings


Rounds 3, 4 & 5 - Anglesey - Report


Rounds 3, 4 & 5 - Anglesey - TSL Timings


Rounds 6 & 7 - Oulton Park - Report


Rounds 6 & 7 - Oulton Park - TSL Timings


Rounds 8 & 9 - Donington Park - Report


Rounds 8 & 9 - Donington Park - TSL Timings


Rounds 10, 11 & 12 - Anglesey - Report


Rounds 10, 11 & 12 - Anglesey - Timings


Rounds 13 & 14 - Oulton Park - Report


Rounds 13 & 14 - Oulton Park - TSL Timings


Latest News - CNC Heads Sports/Saloon Championship

CNC Heads Championship 2024 - Provisional Dates

The BARC North Western Centre is pleased to announce the dates of the 41st running of their Sports/Saloon Championship, sponsored again by Ric Wood and CNC Heads. The Championship will run over 13 rounds at 6 race meetings. The season opens at Donington Park on the 20th April 2024

Double for Paterson but Bamber's Title at final CNC Heads Round 2023

At Oulton Park on the 14th October the 40th Anniversary title was lifted by Ian Bamber in his Class E Ginetta G20, Roddie Paterson was runner up overall in his Caterham C400. The two races were both halted early due mainly to the bad weather.

Ian Bamber Crowned CNC Heads Champion 2023

At Oulton Park last Saturday Ian Bamber was crowned our 40th Anniversary Champion. He started the day as one of two drivers who could win the title, the other being Roddie Paterson in his Caterham C400. Although Roddie won his class in both rain affected races, Ian in his Ginetta G20 won his class in the first race and knowing that second would suffice took that position in the second race to be level on points with Roddie. The title was decided on number of class wins, Ian took the title with 10 wins to Roddie's 9.

CNC Heads Title to be decided this Saturday

At this our 40th Anniversary Race Meeting the CNC Heads Sports/Saloon Car Championship will come to a conclusion. The title will be fought out between Ian Bamber's Ginetta G20 and the Caterham C400 of Roddie Paterson.

40 Years Celebrated This Weekend

The CNC Heads Sports / Saloon Championship is in its 40th year, and with the upcoming meeting marking the end of the 40th Anniversary year this weekend the BARC NW Centre Committee has organised a celebration.

Southcott holds the upper hand

There were 29 cars at Anglesey for the penultimate weekend in this year's Championship. The duel for pole position was a straight fight between Andrew Southcott's MG Midget Lenham and Paul Rose's Saker. It was Southcott who came out on top by 0.72 secs, setting his time early in the session. Read on to find out what happened in the races that followed.

Penultimate CNC Heads Race Meeting on Anglesey this weekend

This weekend sees the penultimate race meeting of the season for the CNC Heads Sports/Saloon Championship. As has been the case for most of the season the Championship will have an almost full grid at Ty Croes.

Sports/Saloon Championship Celebrates 40 Years

This year is the 40th Anniversary for the BARC North Western Centre’s Sports/Saloon Championship. To mark this momentous achievement the Centre will be organising a celebration at its race meeting at Oulton Park on the 14th October. Come along and support our Championship at our final meeting of the year.

Paul Rose Completes Hat Trick of Dave Simpson Awards

At the recent Oulton Park round of the CNC Heads Sport/Saloon Championship the prestigious Dave Simpson Memorial Trophy was competed for. This trophy is presented to the driver winning their class by the greatest speed differential over the second placed driver. This year the trophy was awarded to Paul Rose in his Class A Saker S1-500 from Oliver Thomas in his Class D Subaru Impreza.

Rose blossoms before monsoon arrives

The CNC Heads Championship opened its Oulton Park account on the 8th July with a scheduled double header. Paul Rose won the first race form Roddie Paterson and Arron Armiger. This race was run in sunny conditions, unfortunately the second race was abandoned almost before it started due to torrential rain.

Contact - CNC Heads Sports/Saloon Championship

Championship Co-ordinator

Duncan Aukland Tel : 07902 739685 []

Contact Duncan if you have any general queries regarding the Sports/Saloon Championship, registering for it or chasing entries etc.

Deputy Co-ordinator

John Leck
Tel: 07889 760872

Contact John if unable to contact Duncan.

Championship Eligibility Scrutineer

Peter Gorrie
Tel: 07813 848671

Contact Peter if you have any technical questions regarding the championship or want to check the eligibility of your car. All Vehicle Eligibility Forms should go to Peter.

Driver Representatives

Oliver Thomas
Tel: 07970 901473

David Jones
Tel : 08824 711581

Helen Allen 07790 781295 []

Contact any of the Drivers Representatives if you have a comment or concern on the Championship, ideas for making it better, or liaison on race day. One of them will usually be in the paddock talking to drivers at each race meeting.

Forms & Regulations

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