2018 CNC Heads Championship Registration Documentation Available 12 Jan 18

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All the relevant documentation for the championship can be found by by accessing the CNC Heads page on this website. Just scoll down to below the list of dates, there you will find downloadable copies of the documents. If you want to discuss the championship then by all means contact John Leck (details under Contacts) who will be happy to answer all your questions.

Please find below the 'e-mail' text sent out to all 2017 registered drivers as an introduction as to what to do next, this should be helpful.


Well the time has come to start the 2018 season. First I want to thank Ric Wood for his continued CNC Heads support in sponsoring the championship, without his support the championship would not be as successful as it is these days. This will be Ric's eleventh year of sponsorship.

You will see attached several documents (or, if reading this on the website, on the CNC Heads page) ALL of which are important and should be read, saved away safely and printed where appropriate.

Can I just take a few moments to explain what to do with each, I know to most that this is obvious but it never fails to surprise me as the season progresses how many requests I get for lost copies to be sent!!

Bulletin-2018-001 : Please read this as it contains important information, details of what to do now and during the season. CNC Heads Championship - Regs v 1.0 : These are the approved regulations for 2018 and contains all relevant details as well as championship dates. Please read these carefully, whilst there have been few changes from 2017, it is necessary that you ensure that your car(s) fully comply with all regulations. Save these away safely as you may need to refer to them during the season.

CNC Heads Championship - Driver Registration Form : In order to register for the championship you will need to print this document out and complete carefully. If you intend using more than one car then please give me details of both. If during the season you want to add a car then you will need to let me know. I will use this form to register you for the Championship on the BARC Entry system - RevUp. This form needs to be returned to John Leck as detailed at the bottom of the form.

CNC Heads Championship - Vehicle Specification Form : This needs to be completed for each car you intend to use during the season, again if you want to add a car during the season an additional form must be completed. Please complete the form fully, do not simply say 'as last year'. Once completed the form(s) needs to be sent to Peter Gorrie as detailed at the bottom of the form together with the relevant photographs - ideally Peter would like this electroniucally. Failure to send these forms to Peter (as has been the case last year) cause both Peter and me extra work and may cause you to have an entry rejected.

CNC Heads Championship - Driver Information Sheet : These forms are collated and taken to each round and given to the commentator for use during practice and the race, negates the need to complete any Competitor Information Sheets for individual race meetings. The form should be returned to John Leck.

CNC Heads Championship - Joker Form : Please save this somewhere carefully and use it when necessary during the season. I suggest you actually wait until near the time of the relevant race and do not send in too early. You would be surprised (or maybe not) that several drivers each year waste their joker as they send it in early and never attend the meeting.

Marshalling Form : This form is to be retained and completed if and when you complete a full days marshalling in 2018 prior to the penultimate race meeting of the CNC Heads Championship. It is to be counter signed by the Chief Marshal on the day. The form should be returned to John Leck.

Decal Request Form : Send to me if you require a set (or part set) of decals, there is no need to return if you do not require any. The decals are the same as last year so if they are still in good condition there is no need to request more. The form should be returned to John Leck.

Just a few other things to note :

You MUST be a BARC member and also a North West Centre member. If not then please access www.barc.net and join there. IF YOU ARE NOT YET A BARC MEMBER I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO REGISTER YOU ON THE SYSTEM THUS YOU MAY BE DELAYED IN ENTERING RACES.

You will have up to Monday 29th January to guarantee retaining your number from 2017 (the Driver Registration form has a question to this end), after that date it will be first come first served - no exceptions!

I am sure I will have forgotten something, if anyone has any queries, issues or comments then please let me know. If necessary answers will be sent to all drivers.

I will acknowledge your registration once input. I am awaiting entry forms from BARC(HQ) so there may be a few days delay before you here from me but do not worry all will be dealt with in strict first come first served basis. Your registration and number will be confirmed by the end of the month at the latest.

All these documents will be available on the North Western Centre website - www.barcnorthwestern.co.uk in the next day or so.

You may get this mail several times as I want to ensure that no one misses out. For those that have requested not to use e-mail as the main communication method I sent out your documents in the post, 1st class, yesterday - so no one has priority!!

Happy and successful racing to all of you.

John Leck