Mark de Spong wins the Cam Forbes Trophy 30 Sep 19

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The recent Anglesey rounds of the CNC Heads Sports/Saloon Championship saw the fifth awarding of the Cam Forbes Trophy. The trophy has been very generously donated by Dawn Forbes in memory of Cam. The trophy was presented to the driver who made the most progress from practice position to race position across the first two races at Anglesey.

After the two races had been completed and the relative positions calculated we had for the first time a tie, not with two drivers but three. Mark de Spong, Garry Wardle and Les Kirk. Luckily we had already foreseen this eventuality and agreed a tie break solution. This was to look at the biggest improvement in fastest lap times from practice to race. This allowed a winner to be determined. Mark took the trophy from Garry Wardle and then Les Kirk. Mark can be seen above being presented with his trophy from Dawn Forbes.