Paul Rotheroe awarded the David Gledhill Driver of the Year Trophy for 2021 26 Jan 22

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The David Gledhill Memorial Trophy for the CNC Heads Sports/Saloon Championship Driver of the Year was announced, and presented, at the BARC North Western Centre’s annual presentation dinner dance, The Real Night Out, at new venue, Crewe Hall in January. This year the recipient was Paul Rotheroe, a regular competitor for almost 10 years in his rapid Class E Citroen Xsara.

Paul started to compete in the championship in 2013 in the same Citroen Xsara that he competes in today. Other than two years away from the series in 2019 and 2020, Paul has been out every year. He prides himself on an immaculately prepared and presented car and has become ever quicker with each season. Competing in Class E, which has over the last few years become the largest class and with the likes of Jamie Cryer, Steven Hibbert and Graham Laslett out there, Paul has always had tough competition. Paul quickly became competitive in the class and took class honours in 2016.

Following his two year sabbatical, Paul returned in 2021 as competitive as ever. In fact it was noted by the Driver’s Reps that he had certainly upped his game in a renewed challenge for top honours. This season he won his class three times each time from Jamie Cryer and without doubt his best race was in the wet at Donington. It was at this race that the TV commentator for the live feed was heard to say “fantastic, we are only on the second lap and there in 4th place from his 9th row on the grid is Paul Rotheroe in his Citroen Xsara, a car best known as a rally car not a race car!”. This was the drive that earned Paul the Driver of the Year. Having said that Paul has this season built up a reputation for being very difficult to pass even if youo can catch him, he drives a very wide car (legally) and has excellent defensive skills.

Well done Paul for taking the David Gledhill Driver of the Year trophy in 2021.