Get your juniors spotting and snapping this weekend 23 May 22

The long-running BARC Junior Photographic competition is being held again this year.

So how does the competition now work?

Any junior attending this weekends meeting at Oulton Park can take a photograph, or photographs, from any area in which the general public is allowed and send it by email to the following address - by 11th June. It is not necessary to have a mobile phone to enter, any camera can be used (even disposable!), just upload the photo to a PC (parents can help do this - but not in the actual taking of the photograph please!) and then email the photograph to us.

As previously, the competition is open to all juniors up to 16 years old with two prizes, one for those up to and including 12 years old and one for 13 to 16 year olds. The prizes will be a cap and rucksack from the BARC range.

The photographs don't have to be action shots, as these are often difficult to take from the spectator areas, any picture with an interesting or amusing subject has just as good a chance of winning.

So kids, take those photographs and then send them to this email address: In the email please give your name and age, if necessary you can ask a parent for help.

Spot the orange dot

Another competition for juniors up to 16 today is “Spot the Orange Dot”. All you have to do is watch the CNC Heads sports and saloons race and find the car with a large orange dot on the side. If you spot it, send an email to the same address as the photographic competition, with the car number and your age. The first correct mail will win a prize of club regalia.

Keep your eyes peeled and good luck!